April 26, 2020

Mental Health problems present clinically and subclinically but often never get wholly resolved. 


Many situations date back to episodes of feeling left out or 'OUTSIDE LOOKING IN'. These unsolved matters are often medicated without anyone looking into holistically fixing that original trigger to bring about lasting change. 


In this series titled 'OUTSIDE LOOKING IN', Dr Rapha-El explores this very common source of mental health problems and how to sort the same. 

The feelings of loneliness and rejection that follows the constant sense of being 'OUTSIDE LOOKING IN' will be explored fully as we go along and ways to deal with them taught.


Each episode builds on each one and we pray it guides you away from looking in, to find your own seat on the highest throne of all!

If you need further help, please connect (, attend our meetings or pick up material he has written on various subjects 



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